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About Us


Trust, Reliability, Availability, Quality, Customer Focus & Cost Efficiency are our Main Focus Areas in our Business Model

Novalenz is a registered company fully compliant to deliver electrical and solar services. We are based in the Garden Route area and specialize in electrical and solar installations, modifications and maintenance.

Our focus is not set on a specific target group but rather on each individual or company's need. We are driven by a passion for energy and apply innovative ideas to implement new and improve existing electrical and solar infrastructures without deviating from regulations. Every task is completed according to set specifications,
legislation and governance in a safe and professional manner. Trust, reliability, availability, quality, customer focus, safety and cost efficiency are our focus areas in our business model.

We strongly believe in continuous improvement in quality and productivity. This can only be achieved with a motivated cohesive team and therefore we strongly believe in investing in training of employees as well as close relationships with our clients and suppliers to ensure that we fully understand the need of the client and have the
best and latest technology at hand at the best pricing possible.

Novalenz is committed to governance, standards, legislation, quality and aftersales service.  Novalenz is a verified contractor and a proud member of the South African Professionals and Contractor Collective .

20 Years Electrical Experience

Novalenz consist of a team with experience, knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields in the residential,
commercial, industrial and agricultural sector.

We are proud to have an installation specialist with more than two decades of electrical experience and showed
immense potential and talent from an early age by receiving the Sasol Synfuels Electrical Learner of the year award in 2002, followed by the Sasol Group Technology Badger award as well as Best Safety System Award. He also played an integral part in the commissioning of the Sasol Anaerobic Water Treatment plant and was appointed as group leader of the electrical operations and maintenance team.

We also have Electrical Engineering, Project Planning and Scheduling services for large scale or more complex

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